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Amy Macdonald

The Human Demands Deluxe CD Boxset (inc. Signed Poster)

Boxset $53.00

Release Date: 30/10/2020

Discs: 1

Platinum selling artist Amy Macdonald returns with her highly anticipated 5th studio album, The Human Demands. Working with renowned producer Jim Abbiss (Arctic Monkeys’, Kasabian, Ladytron), the new album is Amy’s most authentic sounding record to date. In Amy's own words, “It’s about life. It’s about love.  It’s about getting older. It’s about giving it your all and trying your best in times of adversity. It’s about forgiving and forgetting but always holding a little grudge :) It’s about looking out for your friends and family and making sure that those you love are ok. It’s about support and friendship and recognising that life can sometimes get us all down.  It’s about the demands that we constantly place on ourselves and others.  It’s about taking a step back and realising that at the end of it all what do we really have without each other?”. 

Released on October 30th, Pre-order now.

The Deluxe CD Boxset includes the deluxe version of the album featuring an additional 6 acoustic tracks, a 16 page staple bound lyric book, a lanyard, a plectrum, and a signed poster.


1. Fire
2. Statues
3. Crazy Shade Of Blue
4. The Hudson
5. The Human Demands
6. We Could Be So Much More
7. Young Fire, Old Flame
8. Bridges
9. Strong Again
10. Something In Nothing
11. Bridges (Acoustic)
12. The Hudson (Acoustic)
13. Fire (Acoustic)
14. Statues (Acoustic)
15. We Could Be So Much More (Acoustic)
16. The Human Demands (Acoustic)